Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Life doesn’t stop…

It just continues on day by day, moment by moment.
Some are Hard,some are joyful, some fun, some sad, some crazy ,some encouraging…

BUT all these moments are filled with Jesus’ Grace!!

 For almost 4 months (in the fall & spring) I was being filled with encouragement of Jesus, at a little Bible school called Ellerslie, in CO . God drew me deeper & deeper into Him.

 I was so totally blessed to have had this opportunity to enjoy this “set-apart” season with other believers & Jesus. I am confident of what it means to be “in Christ” – & I pray that you too can know this.

 Living a life that is  surrendered, focused,”set – apart”, obsessed, sourced,  by the Holy Spirit  is what I long for. 

   But what about  Go TO ..Togo??

     Well it came about, after my time at Ellerslie.

 I went to a conference on Reaching Muslims for Jesus with Crescent Project – 

My heart has been tendered for the Muslims. Jesus loves them & died for them just like He did for you & me.  They just need to find Him!! 

       First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, ...  This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior,  who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.  For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,
                                                                                                    1 Tim 2 :1,3-5
   There I meet a surgeon, & his wife, a nurse practioner, who are going to be serving at Hospital of Hope in Mango, Togo- West Africa. It’s a new hospital that opened in March 2015 & they need nurses! This was not anywhere in my plans but I agreed to pray about it. God has still been stirring in my heart to continue on in mission work “somewhere”- So after many emails ,prayers & counsel  I’m going to be serving in the hospital as a nurse working in the medical – surgical ward . or wherever there is a need. I’m really ready to get back into nursing!! I miss it. 

   The hospital is in the north of the country – where 80 % of the population are Muslim . The primary goal of the hospital is to share Jesus with the people, & what better way than to help meet some of their medical needs. People there have many tumors, orthopedic needs, malaria & tropical diseases. They receive patients from 4 nearby countries, up to  200-300 per day come to the outpatient clinic, Only 100 can be seen a day & the rest are rescheduled for a later date. 


There are 3 operating rooms, OB, & pediatrics along with ER & usual hospital stuff. This hospital has 40 beds & is growing & very busy.

  I will be leaving Nov 7 & have committed for a minimum of 6 months & then will see where & how God leads. I just haven’t done this “mission” stuff by myself!
 I’m really looking forward to going & have much peace about it.

 But I know I will face MANY challenges – the heat (80 – 120 & humid), the loneliness, the language (French national language), the “creepy-crawlies”, the finances -but I also know Jesus will equip & strengthen me for it all. I have that confidence!!

 His Grace is sufficient for me & for you too. 

I will share 1 story from the hospital:

  A 20's something Fulani guy came back this past week and wanted to thank our PA who works in clinic room 3 for her care for him. She had called our chaplain. H. to get his help with this guy because it seemed his problem was of a demonic nature. H. prayed and spent time with him. This guy had been to the biggest marabout (witch doctor) he knew and he couldn't heal him. He had also been to some hospitals in Burkina Faso and didn't find answers. He let it be known that he was healed by our God and that our God is a God of the impossible.

 Yes our God is a God of the impossible –

 So when you feel discouraged, disappointed, overwhelmed, or disgusted with the US, remember this!!

 Nothing is impossible with God.

 So As I… GO TO TOGO..

 I need your prayers- If you could please pray when you feel prompted by the Spirit- I KNOW I can’t make it without them!!

Thank each one of you for supporting, loving, encouraging & caring for me.

Joy & love.. embrace life,


We all are needed for the Kingdom work…

 What I can do, you cannot. What you can do I cannot. But together we can do something beautiful for God. 
                                                                       Mother Teresa

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Well it was accomplished…..

To start at the beginning ...

When we were in the states on furlough we shared that a vision we had was to put block walls on the school in Soliette. At present it had tarps on the outside & inside for room dividers.

 Before we even came back to Haiti we had received a call that several people were interested in trying to help do this.
 Of course we were excited .... to better the school & to have friends come & visit us. That was a very rare treat!

Fred even talked to Pat just 1 week before he was killed...
It was exciting thinking this might really happen. Even when Pat talked to the community about the road work ,he also told them about the school project that we would need help with.

            Then the accident happened….

And the decision was made to raise funds for this project.

Well you my friends were EXTREMELY faithful & generous !!! Now all that was needed was my consent to proceed... 
                  “Of Course I’d go “ !!

After much planning, talks, emails & packing- the day came.. Feb 16th   
 Work was even done on the Gator to get it up & running & we made good use of it!

 The community was hauling water, mixing cement, carrying wood,hauling water.. everyone was really
 excited! The school was dismantled.

Classes were held under different trees for almost 2 weeks. The teachers & students were very flexible..

The walls starting going up,steps getting poured, doors placed, chalk boards painted & hung, desks made for each of the teachers. Yes this was very exciting.. we had such good workers & helpers. The community was exclaiming ‘bel’ beautiful!

    We even had time to celebrate 3 teachers                 birthdays!

I guess 1 of the most encouraging things to me was the reminder of the care & love our Savior has for the little things in our life… 

He put together this team of some of my best friends, that would love, care, cry & laugh with me in  my hard times even before Pat died!!! He cares for us my friends in the big & the small 
things of life!!

But God being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us… eph 2:4

we did take time to go to Pine Forest for a picnic

So without Pat,the vision he had for the school & the community of Soliette was still carried out by ALL of you-

 those that gave of your funds...
       covered us in prayer, 
              & the greatest friends anyone could ask for, that unselfishly came- 

As the Haitians said… left their beautiful homes, their jobs, left their families, their activities & slept here to build the school.

I feel in my heart that somehow Pat looked down & saw this work completed by YOU..,

       And he smiled & was thankful!

SERVANT OF GOD.. a plaque that was placed on the school wall.

Thank you so much & may God bless each one of you for your part!

May God be glorified.

GOD, whose I am & whom I serve….