Friday, April 1, 2016

Stories of HOPE & Healing

She is 13 yrs old & has been living with the painful “growth” near her left eye for awhile.

 She made her days journey from Burkina Faso down to Hospital of Hope to see if there was any HOPE for her.

 Her father saved & saved money that he thought would cover the surgery…
Dr John told them”it will be risky, will be a hard surgery to do as only 1 surgeon. There could be complications, possibly death"...

 but they kept returning to see him at clinic wanting to at least “try”, the pain was getting worse.. he was kinda dragging his feet..  

They  stayed at the cuisine ( a large building with  8 partisans where patients could sleep & live while they recovered or waited)..

They were grasping at HOPE .. that something could be done for her.. 

"complications? “would that require more days in the hospital?”

“possibly” ..

“No we can’t have complications .. we don’t have enough money for that”

Today is her surgery...


He breast tumor is growing large & sucking the life out of her, & she wasn’t even aware of it...

32 yrs old .. single, no children..sweet as can be….

 Looking for HOPE & healing...

 After a deep mastectomy was preformed it was determined she has stage 3 breast cancer. No chemo here for that.

 But she was brought here for more than just “to remove that tumor”
 God has a plan. She is from a village that is deep in Islam.

 From the first time I heeded the prompting of the Spirit to pray with her..
she has clung to my hand & continues to do so when ever I see her- crying on my shoulder & hugging me …

 Oh yes she prays..

 I have seen her & her sisters, in her hospital room with full head dress on– IV in her hand, bowing in prayer on her prayer mat…repeating the words...   
                                 IN HOPE 

But she is hearing of another HOPE now.. The true HOPE & her heart, along with her sisters, is beginning to open.. 
She’s received an SD card with scripture TRUTH on it, to play on her phone..

They haven’t heard these stories of the Prophets before .. oh they know & have heard of  their names.. but this is different..

 remember her & pray her heart is ripped wide open & Jesus comes in before it’s too late.
Sweet A

"Sweet A" & her sister
"Sweet A" with her sister giving a "thumbs-up"


He was 5 … I was working nights..

 "He is vomiting & can’t sleep" his parents say.. 

but for us he sleeping soundly on the floor… well we’ll do some labs – but he doesn’t seem too sick..

About an hour later – he vomited & I needed to get an IV started
 on him if he vomited. So I put him on a gurney & got his IV going..

 I was getting ready to give him Tylenol & he started to have a seizure...
 the seizures these kids seem to have are not the fall down violent seizures ..

 They are just arm trembling that can’t be stopped or mouth twitching..
 but he was having one..

 Oh no he probably has cerebral malaria !!!

 Quickly get phenobarb into him to stop the seizure!!

 Dr Sarah came running over checked his pupils – the left one “blown” dilated & not responding- not a good sign – big time brain damage.

 We quickly put him into the ICU  from the corridor where he was-

 all of our ER beds were full!

 Then the next minute he stopped breathing!!

   As we started resuscitation on him, he slowly started to respond & breath on his own after about 15-20 minutes.

 As we were "coding" him, pushing drugs to get his little life back ..

 I thought of my sweet little Fenner about his same age.

 Please Jesus save him over & over again...

 Our prayers were heard!

           HOPE -  we had hope in the great physician –

 After about a week & a half he recovered FULLY !

SICK!! Didn't think he would pull through but we had HOPE!

 It doesn’t appear he has any permanent brain damage at all!!!

 As I see him sitting & eating.. walking with his mother … even my HOPE is renewed!!

Eating & Happy

I see the thankfulness  & joy in his

 mothers eyes... 

as I remember seeing the despair & fear

 as she set on the floor, head in her hands

 watching her little

 boy slowly slipping away !

It seems we see so much “needed’ HOPE & HEALING here...

 that is so easy to NOT SEE  all the healing HE is doing !!

The need is great here… It’s not easy.. death is about me practically every day.. 

BUT so is life... hearts are being softened & opened ... not only in our patients, but even the staff ( especially since Todds death) . 

For everyone that has been on my journey-partnering with me..

Thank you so much for sticking with me! I so appreciate it!!

We can’t all go to Togo, but we can all go down the street… 
and one place is no greater than someplace else!

Continue to pray for my strength & TRUST (yes I still struggle there)

 in Jesus.. in the HARD and to remember HE is working!

Love. Joy. Thanksgiving. Embracing life..

ok a little funny...

It's HOT really HOT & you know It's REALLY HOT when even your patient wants to lay on the tile floor to try to get cool!!!! No wonder I'm sweating like crazy!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Trusting...Once Again !!

Lets be real for a bit… 

  I have a problem with “trusting” ... 

    I have for a long time..

      I know the FAITHFULNESS of God 

        I know what the Word says...

I believe the Word.. I believe Jesus...

but I just keep falling back into the fleshly habit of Not trusting Jesus with the circumstances of my life…

And this past week the enemy has been active in causing me to disbelieve AGAIN that Jesus has it ALL UNDER CONTROL...

Can anyone relate with me??  

Why do I have such a continued problem with this????

I repeat & claim His promises-

       because God never changes & His Never lies ...

do not be anxious for anything, but in everything by prayer & supplication with THANKSGIVING let your requests be made known to God..
                           Phil 4:6

Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow , for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.    Matt 6:34    
                 (FYI one of Pat’s favorite)

I even just got done reading a 40 day study on “Trusting Without Borders” Arabah Joy..

But then I go ahead & “worry”.

I think of the birds & the flowers of the field..

“Consider the birds of the air    
    they worry not. Neither should you.

Those winged creatures woke early with no idea where or how they were going to find food. 

          They weren’t worried.

They sang in utter trust & reliance upon their Maker, they took to the skies.

    I could too.

Consider the flowers of the field. I clothe them with beauty & grace. I’ll clothe you too.

When faced with our lack & weakness- I can forget the birds & forget the blossom were once a mere seed-
          but God clothed it.

That's what he does for me”… Arabah Joy

 No I’m not worried about where my clothes are coming from...

she's not worried about her clothes either

    or where I will get my food… 

A big pot of peanut butter being made
I’m anxious about my abilities.. 

Just when I start “feeling” more confident in the hospital work here... 

Jesus is pressing me into something more...

 You would say it’s trivial,small- 

but tell my head that & the cold sore that has developed !!!

I know Christ lives in me, will be faithful to fill me, equip me, & complete the work He has for me to do here.. 

 I Know it... but… my feelings tell me        otherwise.

I pray I will trust Jesus like this wee little preemie is trusting her Mama(a little 12 yr old) 

In this area of Togo, there are 
so many that “trust” in charms or fetishes.

 "There is a weird intersection in folk Islam of a fatalist view of God as sovereign, resigning one’s self to life’s troubles, and the belief that evil spirits and curses by others are the cause of our problems." Anna

I saw this man in market selling chicken feet, birds feet, charms, a whole cloth full of things to buy for protection & to help the evil spirits to be appeased & to use to help things go well in life...

I definitely don’t trust in these...

     I know where my trust lies… 
            It’s in Jesus!!

So I’m asking you to pray with me,
& again be reminded that Jesus gives you & I, courage & strength to do-
    what He has called me to here,
     & for you in whatever circumstance you are facing. 

            He is with us.

I want to be praising Him in thanksgiving, for what I know He is going to do ..
 & be excited to see how He will be glorified in these small anxieties I’m feeling right now…

 ~  Adjusting to working nights.. – sleeping during the day with the heat.. 106 degrees & staying awake at night. I’ve never worked nights before!!

My road to work 

 ~ Starting to work Maternity periodically  with NO experience –
     Thanking Jesus for LIFE!!

Yes they use eyeliner on their babies eyebrows & eyelashes!

 ~ Starting to be in charge with the language barrier still looming HUGE …

I’m looking forward to see how God will work all these things out for me & in my circumstances. To be able to give Him glory in it all.

 He is in control of everything that happens-

Sovereign God calm my heart & mind so I can hear your voice.

To be trusting like this little fellow!

…For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.
                                     2 Chronicles 20:12

I’m keeping my eyes on you Jesus!!!! 

If any one saw my Instagram & fb pic of me with the mask on .. 
   Both of those girls have died.. so sad ... 

But a big shout of praise for another 13 yr old girl  who came in with meningitis too & she is better… 
  Praise Jesus – 
     she’s going home recovered, but weak !! 

Thank you for your prayers to TRUST in Jesus for it ALL!!

love to each,